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Blue Led Display Provari

Have you heard about the new Provari with Blue Led Display? Will it be available in the Philippines soon?  According to an international forum for Vapers, Provape recently announced that they are launching the blue led and display provari on the 28th of November.

provari silver
provari satin silver

The said version has no difference from the original aside from the color of the display. This blue led display edition will be available in limited numbers and at a little extra cost.  If you have an existing order, you will have the option to upgrade your order to blue on any of the tubes (silver, black or chrome).

provari buy manila
ProVari Blue Led Option

Provari Discount Update :

On Nov 28th for ONE DAY ONLY there will be a storewide 10% off coupon active. On the same day Provape will launch the Blue Led and Display version. The coupon code for this one day event is: cybermonday

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3 Responses to “Blue Led Display Provari”

  1. provari user says:

    I want this one… I love the blue led display of the new provari from Provape


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