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GGTS – Golden Greek Telescopic Storm Mod Review

The Golden Greek Telescopic Storm (GGTS) was created coming from a smart brain of its developer, Imeothanasis. Completely hand-crafted, designed with quality materials like aircraft aluminum and/or stainless-steel, generating the greater quantity along with quality of vapor, GGTS continues to be the best in class eCigarette mod globally.

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Golden Greek Telescopic Storm Mod Review

This mod is multipurpose and possesses the exclusive capability to match various batteries and various cartomizers and atomizers. There aren’t enough phrases to describe the pleasure of being capable to regulate the draw with its air control ring. This is actually the first and only mod which I have experimented which includes the draw adjustment. Continue Reading

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Mortar – Proudly Pinoy Made Telescopic e-Cigarette Mod

As the name indicates Mortar – Proudly Pinoy Made Telescopic Mod is among the eye-catching if not the most effective PV mod I’ve ever had at this time. Efficiency wise, for me personally, it’s functions similarly with the Golden Greek Telescopic Storm since its fully mechanical but Mortar for me is easier to use and maintain. I’ve been making use of it all day long and by now, if I am keeping another PV, it could have been shelved previously.

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Mortar E-Cigarette Mechanical Mod

The entire body is made from Brass and also the switch plus threads are also purely brass made. The photos you are seeing in this post is my personalized Mortar made from Brass and Aluminum metal. Continue Reading

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Ask Vaper Manila : Where to buy Electronic Cigarette + menthol refill in Quezon City

I hope you can provide me the nearest store where I could buy electronic cigarette + menthol e-juice refill for my brother.

The Vape Company SM North Edsa
The Vape Company SM North Edsa

My location is Katipunan Ave, QC; perhaps anywhere close to Cubao will do. Thank you.


Hello Melson,

The nearest E-cigarette store as far as I know in your area is The Vape Company Electronic Cigarettes in SM North EDSA The Block.

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What is a REO Grand Box Mod Personal Vaporizer?

The good thing about meeting fellow vapers is that you will discover a lot of things about PV, different types of atomizers and other PV Mods. Im still considered as a newbie, considering that I only started vaping last November 10, 2011 but since Ive been visiting Denkat Robinsons Place Manila to meet fellow Manila Vapers, I’ve seen huge selections of Personal Vaporizers and heard personal recommendations from local Vaping Gurus.

buy Reo Grand Box Mod manila
Reo Grand Box Mod (Photo courtesy of MXBNW of

Aside from highly recommended GGTS, Provari, APEX and Silver Bullet, I’ve heard a lot of praises about this box mod called REO Grand. So What the hell is a Reo Grand? Continue Reading

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Provari : Your Ultimate Electronic Cigarette

Happy Black Friday! Today is oficially my 15th day of being a non-smoker and I would like to share with you my review of Provari – my favorite personal vaporizer. At first, I thought it was just a markerting hype seing a lot of good reviews about this e-cigarette but after trying and using it for 14 days I can say that all the positive reviews are right… definitely no hype at all:)

If you’re fed up with good vapor at the beginning of a new battery and weak vapor by the end, then ProVari variable voltage e-cig is perfect for you! The ProVari is actually a microprocessor controlled variable voltage electronic cigarette that allows you to modify the voltage in seconds with only a few button pushes.

provari e-cigarette
Provari Chrome and Black Edition

You can now choose the appropriate adjustments for your cartomizer, atomizer, and also e-liquid!

Having its built-in digital screen, you can creatively regulate your controls without having supplemental hardware. Has an illuminated pushbutton with low battery alert. Voltage choice of 3.3 to 6 volts. To view the menu of selections and change the voltage on the ProVari, you just push the button 6 times back to back. The digital display screen will switch on and you may run through the voltage functions with every button press. Continue Reading

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Blue Led Display Provari

Have you heard about the new Provari with Blue Led Display? Will it be available in the Philippines soon?  According to an international forum for Vapers, Provape recently announced that they are launching the blue led and display provari on the 28th of November.

provari silver
provari satin silver

The said version has no difference from the original aside from the color of the display. This blue led display edition will be available in limited numbers and at a little extra cost.  If you have an existing order, you will have the option to upgrade your order to blue on any of the tubes (silver, black or chrome). Continue Reading

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