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Can Electronic Cigarettes help you quit smoking?

Tobacco use is in charge of around 5 million deaths each year worldwide. However it is a preventable factor for death. Thus, it’s not shocking that, whenever a new device, which includes the opportunity to help individuals quit smoking strikes the current market, many people who smoke are going to try it out. And one of the most recent to take that claim is the e-cigarette.

robinsons place manila denkat ecigarette store
E-Cigarette Store in Manila

E-cigarettes appear to be standard cigarettes right down to possessing a shining tip – however they are made up of a refillable tube, which has a battery as well as an electronic chip inside them unless you are planning to buy a fully mechanical ecig mod. Once the smoker puffs on one, it offers a vapor of liquid, flavorings, and nicotine that appears just like smoke. Continue Reading

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E-Cigarettes – Helping you quit Smoking the easiest way

So what is an e-cigarette? It is an electronic device which offers nicotine devoid of smoke of any kind. In the past few years, use of e-cigarettes in the Philippines has increased drastically. People mostly use e-cigarette as an alternative to smoking. As a matter of fact, e-cigarettes can be used as a device to put an end to BAD smoking habit.

Is e-cigarette safe
Is e-cigarette safe

The previous types of e-cigarettes has a nicotine cartridge having liquid nicotine. Upon inhaling, a small battery powered atomizer converts a tiny amount of nicotine (liquid form) into vapor nicotine. When inhaled by the user, a very small LED light glows at the peak of the e-cigarette just to give the user feel of an original cigarette. Continue Reading

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Goodbye Mild Seven

by : Melo Villareal

After 10 days of not smoking even a single stick, i can finally say that I hate smoking. Ive been trying to quit smoking for several times already and each attempt only lasted for a week.

avoid smokingIt was exactly 14 days ago when I finally decided to get a basic Ego / Myvape Airborne E-cigarette kit in Makati Cinema Square. Im not really serious in quitting that time and I just really want to test myself and my main goal is to really minimize the cigarette consumption.

Wayne of Puff Daddy’s in MCS gave me some sort of briefing about e-cigarettes and recommended couple of e-juices for a newbie like me. My first four day was a huge success, Why? I only consumed one stick each day and the rest was dedicated to Vaping… Thanks to FreedomSmokeUSA and Heaven Gifts e-juices for making my first four days of vaping truly enjoyable.

On my second day, I went to SM Megamall for a client meeting. I passed by Green Puff kiosk to checkout to some e-juices when another customer showed off his Provari and told me, “your drip shield was really made for a Provari PV“. I was like, What the hell is Provari? He then borrowed my drip shield and let me used his PV so I can try it for myself. After a short drag, I was amazed and told myself I want to reward myself a Provari.

philippine made e cigarette mod
Custom Made Two Tone Mortar Mod

On my third day, I went back to Makati Cinema Square and bought my first *PV – a Silver Provari. Buying an expensive E-Cigarette may not be a good choice for a begginer but I justified it as a personal reward for a serious attempt to quit smoking:)

quit smoking manila
Quit Smoking Or else….

Overall I’m really glad I purchased it even if I’m not yet familiar with some vapers jargon eg. atty, variable voltage, atomizer etc. All I can identify that time is a drip tip and a drip shield and the rest is a rocket science for me but thanks to the Puff Daddy Peeps for setting up my Provari and for making it ready to use (slash) Dumb Proof LOL.

* PV stands for Personal Vaporizers aka Electronic Cigarettes

More posts soon:)

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