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GGTS – Golden Greek Telescopic Storm Mod Review

The Golden Greek Telescopic Storm (GGTS) was created coming from a smart brain of its developer, Imeothanasis. Completely hand-crafted, designed with quality materials like aircraft aluminum and/or stainless-steel, generating the greater quantity along with quality of vapor, GGTS continues to be the best in class eCigarette mod globally.

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Golden Greek Telescopic Storm Mod Review

This mod is multipurpose and possesses the exclusive capability to match various batteries and various cartomizers and atomizers. There aren’t enough phrases to describe the pleasure of being capable to regulate the draw with its air control ring. This is actually the first and only mod which I have experimented which includes the draw adjustment.

In reality it can fit 2 kinds of atomizers: 510 and 801 and making use of a small rethreater which can be connected to the atomizer or even its Four in One connector, may be used also with 901 atomizers as well as 808 D cartomizers.

The GGTS thus remains an outstanding product. The existing version 2011 is the newest one which features quite a few improvements:

• Lightweight
• Manage ring that can regulate the manner you vape and the air, which comes inside the atomizer.
• Tank attack on the fresh form with detachable top.
• Aluminum body with nickel coating.
• Lastly, it allows a variety of different rechargeable batteries, offering the customer a choice of 3.7v, 6v or 7,4v vaping.

Other useful features are:
• The control with safety-lock system.
• Optional magnetic switch.
• The Telescopic system that can house all set of batteries.

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GGTS Reviews

Golden Greek Telescopic Storm Mod is prepared to be tremendously tailored for users, so lots of elective detailed parts can be independently purchased to get your own personal GG vaping:

• Supplementary aluminum telescopic sleeve.
• Automating Vaping System.
• CR Brass Top Cap for 510/901 atomizers.
• CR Top Cap for 801 atomizers.
• Additional expansion Sleeve for keeping till 2 for 18650 batteries.
• Security fuse.
• AVS 510 Tank.
• AVS 901 Tank.
• UFS 510 Tank.
• AVS-AFS Metal Mouthpiece.
• Added Steel UFS tank part for more e-juice filling with more robustness.
• AVS-AFS Flat Metal Mouthpiece.
• AFS V3 and 901 connector.
• UFS Metal Mouthpiece.
• AVS adapter to switch AVS on AFS V3.
• Magnetic keys for modding switch springs system.

Since its handcrafted, certain parts can’t be avaiable all the time, yet only for some durations.
The Golden Greek Telescopic Storm, personalized vaporizer is a brand mechanical PV. There isn’t any wires to pinch, burn, or fail, just about everything inside each properly designed GG is removeable, user serviceable, and replaceable.

Each GG has a unique serial number and all hand-made in Greece making use of the latest methods for shaping, coating, and threading fine metals. The Golden Greek Telescopic Storm is an artwork, made for the kings.

As concluded by the majority of experienced vapers the Golden Greek Telescopic Storm is the ideal “mod” device worldwide. Customers should expect a stunning device of outstanding handmade craftmanship and unparalleled functionality.

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