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Mortar – Proudly Pinoy Made Telescopic e-Cigarette Mod

As the name indicates Mortar – Proudly Pinoy Made Telescopic Mod is among the eye-catching if not the most effective PV mod I’ve ever had at this time. Efficiency wise, for me personally, it’s functions similarly with the Golden Greek Telescopic Storm since its fully mechanical but Mortar for me is easier to use and maintain. I’ve been making use of it all day long and by now, if I am keeping another PV, it could have been shelved previously.

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Mortar E-Cigarette Mechanical Mod

The entire body is made from Brass and also the switch plus threads are also purely brass made. The photos you are seeing in this post is my personalized Mortar made from Brass and Aluminum metal.

Draw Control- the beauty has three holes which is not aligned correctly in contrast to the Golden Greek Telescopic Storm. Switch- unlike the Golden Greek mod only difference is the Mortar’s switch is located at the bottom and it has no lock.

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Black Mortar

Battery- it can be used with almost all batteries to the telescopic system. Thus far I have tried personally 18650, 18500, and 17670. You may also use 1 or 2 16340 or cr123 for 6-7v vaping. However at 6v and also the draw control I’m already contented.

It has No wire connection which is better for you get all the power of your battery. One of the greatest features of this mod is its Adjustable height can fit almost any rechargeable battery available in the market. It also has an Enhanced Juice Recycler so worry no more about the leaks on your atomizer.

ecigarette mod pinoy made
Unpolished Two Tone Mortar Ecigarette Mod

Mortar can be used between 3.7v- 6v- 6.4v- 7.4v batter. The connector of this mod has no spring and it uses Copper on its firing and positive pin for extra power and great conductivity.

Pricing- Introductory price is 2,500 php for the basic Mortar, which I suppose is great with its look and performance.

Benefits of Vaping:

– No yellow tooth
– No nicotine finger stains
– Environmentally-friendly
– No butts or stubs to throw away
– No ashes and ashy mess
– No second hand “Smoke”
– No tar, flames and fire
– No bedding or clothing burn holes
– No smokers bad-breath
– No foul odors
– Non-intrusive to those around you

This is actually the widely produced Personal Vaporizers on the market and almost everyone who had one are truly satisfied. I’m happy to have the opportunity to to get a special edition of this mod. According to a Site of The Publication plus the Evening Gazette, “a smoker who chooses to make use of e-cigs at the job usually stays at his or her desk and freely ‘vape’ without needing to disrupt your day to step outside.

Local Vape merchants says that vaping isn’t a fad, but instead, a dedication to keeping yourself and people close to you protected from the dangerous outcomes of tobacco smoke. So, just how harmless are vapes? Normally, the “e-juice,” or perhaps the liquid you drop in the Ecigarettes to Vape, consists of VG, flavor, and nicotine along with propylene glycol.

That last component is a solvent present in many pharmaceutical drugs, a carrier of aroma oil and, with regards to vapes, to weaken the nicotine and provide smoke. It’s also used as possible antifreeze, a livestock ketosis remedy, a component in backlight tattoo ink.

However unlike how toxic that appears, the compound is indexed by the United States Food and Drug Administration as generally regarded as safe for humans being digested within the body. Health problems are only triggered when an exceptionally high dose is taken.

MyVape sell within the Philippines between P3,000 to P4,000, and available for delivery in the Philippines only.

E-juice, accessible in a variety of flavors and degrees of nicotine content, is just about P250 – P350 per bottle that is enough to consume for a month for moderate vapers.

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  1. rod says:


    im very much interested to get ur mod. can u pls txt me at 09178447207 for faster exchange of info.

    looking forward for ur response.

  2. rod says:


    im very much interested to get ur mod. where can i fet this?

    looking forward for ur response.

  3. Mancarday says:

    Hi, I,m really interested on this product. Can u PM me the price and how can I purchase it

  4. Muhammad Azwan says:

    maaaring ipadala sa Malaysia

  5. Mark says:

    Hello fellow vape heads,

    I am looking for a vendor for Filipino mech-mods. I am looking only to buy the best mods. If anyone is interested in supplying, reply back to me so we can discuss business.



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