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Street Juice releases new e-Cigarette e-liquid Flavors

Couple of weeks back, Alvin Roxas – the proprietor and flavor artist behind Street Juice electronic cigarette e-juices visited Denkat Kiosk in Robinson Place Ermita. Along with fellow Manila Vapers member, we organized an e-juice group buy and product tasting of his new upcoming flavors.

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Street Juice e-Cigarette Liquid

Yesterday, Alvin visited DenKat Robinsons Place once again to meet the members of Manila Vapers for another group buy . Among the new flavors released were Blizzard Kiwi, Lemon Star Dew, Blueberry, Orange Star Dew, Street Punch and Hazelnut Chocolate.

Part of his signature Blizzard flavors, I personally like Blizzard Kiwi – Its a little bit minty with a hint of Kiwi. You’ve got to love it too:)

Street Punch! – Enjoy a mix of fruits and vodka in this new flavor, Street Punch! It will definitely give you that fruity punch that you’ll surely enjoy. Im not a huge fan of Blueberry but it seems that Manila Vapers are loving this new flavor.

If you are a big fan of SJ’s Hazelnut Coffee, this new variation with chocolate is a good one to try out. Try the tangy sour taste of Lemon Soda in Lemon Star Dew, it taste like Mountain Dew… seriously.

I’m gonna try the orange star dew as soon as got one:( I was not able to taste it but I will let you know my feedback soon:)

If you want to taste or purchase Street Juice eCig liquid, you may contact Alvin Roxas at 09086931667 or visit their Face  www.facebook.com/StreeetJuice. Suggested retail price is P250 per 10ml bottle.

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